Data Protection & Privacy

Vulcanite Pty Ltd processes your data in the context of your use of this website in compliance with the applicable legal regulations.

1. General
Personal data entered by you is collected, processed and used by Vulcanite Pty Ltd for the purpose of the event-driven contact with you.

This information will not be sold to third parties, distributed outside of Vulcanite or used for any other purpose other than responding to your information request.

In accordance with the statutory provisions, all your data is treated as strictly confidential.

2. Collection and Processing of Data
Vulcanite has disabled web site logging so know personal data is stored or collected about your visit to this site.

Your IP address is transmitted anonymously and is only used to assign a geographical location at the city level. Vulcanite uses this information to measure website activity, to produce statistics, and to improve the services and information provided via the website.

Personal user data is solely used to process inquiries within the context of the consent granted or in compliance with applicable data protection regulations. Based on legal requirements, Vulcanite and Continental has enforced global, uniform and internal Data Protection Rules regulating the protection of your personal data.

Vulcanite collects data entered into the contact form – such as name and email address – for the purpose of communicating personally with you. The data is stored and processed solely for the purpose of answering your inquiry or for contacting you. Your data is erased once processing of your inquiry/concern has concluded, provided that this erasure does not conflict with any statutory duties to retain records.

3. Protection of Stored Data
Our company uses technical and organizational security measures to protect the personal data provided by you from manipulation, loss, destruction or from being accessed by unauthorized persons. The security measures are continually improved and adapted in accordance with the latest technology.

Data provided that is unencrypted could potentially be viewed by third parties. For this reason, we would like to point out that, with regard to data transmission over the Internet (e.g., by e-mail), secure transfer cannot be guaranteed. Sensitive data should therefore either not be transmitted at all or only via a secure connection (SSL). If you access pages and files and are then asked to enter personal data, please note that the transmission of such data via the Internet may not be secure and that there is a risk that it may be viewed and manipulated by unauthorized persons.

4. Cookies
When you visit our website, information can be stored on your computer in the form of cookies. Such cookies are used solely to analyse anonymized usage data. Your personal information is not collected or transferred in this process. Your IP address is transmitted anonymously and is only used to assign a geographical location at the city level. Is it thus not possible to determine the identity of an individual website visitor at any time.

5. Sharing in Social Networks
This web site does not use any social media links or plug-ins.