“A comprehensive range of engineered, rubber-to-metal bonded products for various industries.”

We specialise in the design and manufacture of rail suspension components, noise and vibration isolators, and piling elastomers for the global market.

  • Engineering Core Competency


    The Engineering and Partnering division at Vulcanite is known for its innovative approach to customers needs. This innovative approach to engineering enables us to provide effective, flexible , affordable and low maintenance engineered solutions.

    Our products are developed by design and manufacturing teams with extensive practical & operational experience. Vulcanite provides you with a development partner. This enables you to use our R&D department with extensive industry experience and engineering facilities within Vulcanite to develop and manufacture new products from what can be an initial idea to product conception.

    The core competency behind our engineering team is heavily emphasized on project management and partnering with our clients to come up with the optimal solution.

  • Engineering Development Process

    One of the core strengths of Vulcanite is its engineering development process which allows us to provide customers with effective and affordable solutions. This process can be summarized as:

    Product Review. Our team gathers all the information needed for design or to improve the component and provides our partners with a project plan.
    Product Design. This is a key process for the success of the project. The knowledge and competences of our engineers in Finite Element Analysis are essential to design/improve the product.
    Product Development. Design verification, pre-production trials and design validation are the sub processes that ensure the effectiveness and affordability of our products.
    Product Manufacture and Delivery. Our plant capacity and distribution channels guarantee that your product will be delivered on time.

  • Technical Assets

    Vulcanite combines the knowledge and competence of its engineers with its technical assets to design and test systems. This synergy allow us to provide the optimal solution to our partners.

    Our technical assets include:

    • Solid Modelling Software
    • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Software
    • Universal Testing Equipment (Static & Dynamic)

  • Solid Modelling Software

    Our solid modelling software (Solid Edge) allows us to create and draw the proposed new products in 3 dimensions showing all aspects of the product design. We and our partners are able to see a 3D component before prototyping. Solid Edge provides us with a fast and flexible design capability while easing the growing complexity of product development. We understand that getting products to the market faster is key to your company’s success.

    Solid Edge allows us to:

    • Create 3D computer models
    • Create 2D manufacturingdrawings
    • Generate CAD-CAE data exchange (IGES)
    • Create compatible file formats such as:

    – Unigraphics NX documents documents (*.prt)
    – Parasolid documents (*.x_b, *.x_t)
    – AutoCAD documents (*.dwg, *.dxf)
    – Pro/Engineer part documents (*.prt)
    – Many other file types

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Software

    We use ANSYS Workbench to simulate product requirement in real time before manufacturing any component. We provide you with a feasibility report interpreting the results of the simulation for verification of integrity. Together with our solid modelling software (Solid Edge) we can also design and draw the proposed components in 3 dimensions showing all aspects of the product design.

    ANSYS gives us the capability to:

    • Analyse Linear & Non – Linear stresses and strains
    • Conduct Dynamic and Fatigue AnalysisDo Structural Analysis
    • Do Modal Analysis
    • Do Buckling Analysis
    • Do Thermal analysis to calculate product cure time and shrinkage after moulding
    • Simulate material testing to obtain non-linear anisotropic material properties and characteristics
    • Simulate product deformation based on actual application

  • Production Testing

    Vulcanite has several purpose built testing machines designed to perform 100% product testing before they are sent to the customer. These machines were designed and built in-house to test a range of products by physically simulating their operating conditions and requirements and allowing us to record the loads and displacements. Testing the products allow them to be grouped into their performance ranges when required by customers. Other testing equipment allows us to test material properties of rubber and various metals and also allows us to pre stress products to determine long term stability and settlement characteristics.

    Production Testing Equipment includes:

    • Shear Testing Machine
    • Chevron Spring Testing Machine
    • Creep Testing Machine

    Material Testing Equipment includes:

    • Rubber Tensile Testing Machine
    • Compression Set Test Kit
    • Metal Hardness Test Kit
    • Rubber Hardness Testers and Blocks