Case Studies



For over 10 years, Vulcanite have been a supplier of rubber products for our rolling stock.

We entered into a license agreement with Vulcanite where we gave them exclusive rights to manufacture OEM rubber components that Bombardier held the design intellectual property.


This has been a successful agreement of both parties and laid the springboard for a long-term partnership between us.

“I have always found Vulcanite to be a proactive and professional company willing to take on challenges that other suppliers have baulked at, including reverse engineering of obsolescent components.” Gary Bulgarelli, Director of Bombardier Transportation, Australia

Queensland Rail


Develop specifications for purchasing;

Provide technical advice; and

Supply scheduled overhaul replacement stock for OEM Metallastik (U.K.) products including primary suspension chevron springs and side bearer (bolster rubber) metallastic springs on the bogies of the original electric multiple units.


“Individual testing and preloading of each component;

Improvements in service life;

Major savings in price;

Reduction in delivery time; and

Reduced stockholdings.William Thomas, Manager at Queensland Rail Rolling Stock Engineering Division”

Downer EDi Rail


Provide resilient bushings and locomotive bolster pads.

Provide design skills and then manufacture secondary suspension components including the resilient elements crucial to the proper performance of the single airbag, secondary suspension, stabilising anti-roll bar.


Designed, manufactured and successfully fatigue-tested the rubber and steel resilient components for the anti-roll bar.

“Vulcanite has a good engineering capability and supplies products, which conform to the required specification.” Jim Lothian, Purchasing Manager at Downer EDi Rail

UGL Unipart


Supply resilient bogie components and inter vehicle gangway seals;

Assist our engineers in product improvement and new product development e.g. gangway seals, light rail vehicles, chevron springs, traction motor pads and bushings, and passenger vehicle primary suspension rolling ring springs.


“Vulcanite is a competent, ethical, and reliable supplier of rolling stock components.” John Watsford, Engineering Manager at UGL Unipart

UGL Rail


Vulcanite has designed and supplied a number of rail bogie resilient components including freight wagon bogie constant contact side bearers and locomotive bearer pads and bump stop springs.


“The efficiency of Vulcanite’s products and personnel means it has been designated an Approved Supplier.” Chris Huggins,Executive General Manager at UGL Rail


1: Bombardier

2: EDi Rail

3: Main Train

4: Queensland Rail

5: United Goninan