Engineering Solutions Provider & Partner

Engineering Core Competency

Vulcanite’s Engineering team has developed a reputation for its innovative approach to partnering and addressing customer’s needs. This enables us to provide highly effective, flexible, affordable and high quality engineered solutions.

Vulcanite can partner with you to develop an initial concept into reality or solve problems with your existing products. Our products are developed by engineers with extensive practical & operational experience.

Our R&D facilities, with state-of-the-art testing equipment, help us to provide our customers with the optimal solution.


Product Development Process

A core strength of Vulcanite is its product development process which allows us to provide customers with effective and affordable solutions. Our process is summarised as:

    • Review. Our engineers gather all the information required to develop a new part or improve an existing design.
    • Design. The knowledge and experience of our engineers is combined with computer simulation tools to develop an optimal solution to your problem.
    • Development. Design verification, pre-production trials and design validation ensure the effectiveness and quality of our products.
    • Manufacture and Delivery. Our plant capacity and distribution channels guarantee that your product will be delivered on time.



Technical Assets

Vulcanite combines the knowledge and experience of its engineering team with its technical assets to design and test systems. Our technical assets include:

Our technical assets include:

    • Solid Modelling Software. We use 3D parametric CAD software to rapidly develop new designs while constantly monitoring aspects such as manufacturability, operating envelope and interactions with other parts. Solid models are also used for development of finite element analysis models and to aid in rapid manufacture of tooling.
    • Finite Element Analysis (FEA). We use non-linear finite element analysis software to accurately simulate product performance prior to manufacturing. This ensures design integrity and assists in optimal rubber compound selection.
    • Static & Dynamic Testing Equipment. Most of our products are 100% tested and inspected prior to dispatch. This ensures that all products will perform as expected and meet high quality standards. We have a number of testing machines including universal testing machines, shear testing machines, chevron testing machines, dynamic (cyclic) testing machines and creep testing machines.
    • Rubber Testing Equipment. Every production batch of rubber is tested to ensure it meets our strict specifications. We have a number of rubber testing machines including durometers, rheometer, Mooney viscometer, tensile testing machine and densimeter.