Octagonal Elastomer with Nuts

Isolator size: 7″x7″x4″ See Properties below. Please download the technical drawing sheetrectangular_elastomer

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Additional information

Overall Length (L), mm

Overall Height (H), mm

Overall Width (W), mm

Hole Centres - Length 1 (CL1), mm

Hole Centres - Width 1 (CW1), mm

Top Plate Hole Dia. (Dt), mm

Bottom Plate Hole Dia. (Db), mm

Top Plate Thickness (Tt), mm

Bottom Plate Thickness (Tb), mm

Nom. Shear Rate (Ks), N/mm

Max. Shear Load (Ps), kN

Max. Shear Deflection (Xs), mm

Nom. Compression Rate (Kc), N/mm

Max. Compression Load (Pc), kN

Max. Compression Deflection (Xc), mm


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