About Us


Vulcanite is a design and manufacturing organisation, partnering with clients to provide flexible engineering solutions. Vulcanite’s Head Office, Production and Administration facilities are located in the Sydney suburb of Regents Park. Vulcanite draws upon the skills of its people to design and manufacture components used to isolate mechanically induced vibration. These engineering solutions are achieved by the use of rubber and steel moulded composites which are manufactured in the company’s facility in Sydney, Australia.

Today, through investment in technology and highly skilled engineering staff, the company has positioned itself as a provider of innovative and flexible engineering solutions to major companies around the world. These include three of the world’s four leading railway rolling stock builders and three of the world’s major vibratory piling hammer manufacturers, making Vulcanite one of the largest suppliers of isolation elastomers in the world. Vulcanite is one of only a few Australian companies with in house capabilities in Finite Element Analysis and this supports an ongoing commitment to the industry.

Vulcanite has a vision, a strategy and a commitment to its customers and suppliers.

Vulcanite continually strives for improvement in quality products, processes and services to meet changing customer and industry needs, which is exemplified by the company’s accreditation and compliance with AS/NZS ISO 9001/2008 certification. Isolation rubber and steel elastomers being imported by construction machinery suppliers provided Vulcanite with an excellent import replacement opportunity. These components were expensive to import and required a high level of engineering understanding and production resources which made them difficult for our competitors to reproduce. However this gave Vulcanite a challenge that was to be the seed of it success in global markets. The success in the construction equipment field provided a strong foundation for growth, technological development, improved production resources and management practices along with a growing financial base. The production techniques and engineering design capability developed, provided Vulcanite with skill and resources to enter the Railway Rolling Stock industry. This industry now represents 65% of our total market and is growing both domestically and internationally.

Vulcanite has a vision, a strategy and a commitment to its customers and suppliers. The company’s staff are dedicated to developing the potential of the business on the international stage, by providing flexible engineered solutions.

Our Brand Promise

“To empower our customers by working closely with them to provide world-class engineered rubber products designed to meet (and exceed) their individual needs, delivered on time and on budget.”


100 Years of Vulcanite History.

Vulcanite begins its business by selling & repairing bicycle tubes and tyres.
Vulcanite gets incorporated.
Vulcanite begins exporting to Europe. Vulcanite gets ISO 9001 Certified.
Vulcanite invests in 3D CAD Software.
Vulcanite wins Suncorp Regional Award for New Product Export Market Business of the Year Vulcanite invests Non-Linear FEA Software.
Vulcanite begins to export rail products to the USA.
Vulcanite wins Western Sydney Industry Award for Global Excellence Import Replacement and Export
Vulcanite acquires its first 10 ton Universal Testing Machine.
Vulcanite Joins forces with the Chess Group Vulcanite upgrades FEA Software.
Vulcanite takes out 2007 Bankstown Small Business Export Award.
Vulcanite commences its North American office.
Vulcanite invests new 200 tonne electric double presses.
Vulcanite commences its UK and Malaysian offices.
Vulcanite moves to a new and larger factory in Regents Park, Sydney.
Vulcanite invests in new Universal and Fatigue Testing Machines.
Vulcanite invests in 2800m2 manufacturing facility in Malaysia.

Competitive Advantage

Vulcanite’s Sustainable Competitive Advantage includes a number of elements, which are:

  • The ability to provide innovative flexible engineered solutions specifically developed for a client’s project needs, rather than existing generic products.
  • Strategic market positioning and the ability to deliver global solutions.
  • Commitment to the development of Vulcanite staff in terms of training, expertise and career paths.
  • The global vision of the owners in building a business infrastructure that will ensure the continuity of Vulcanite whilst facilitating succession plans.
  • The vision and entrepreneurial spirit that has repositioned the company from a manufacturer of rubber products to one that provides excellence in engineered rubber solutions.
  • Being comfortable in the knowledge that in the future, Vulcanite will be a company trading on its intellectual property and not in manufactured products – embracing the fact that we are truly operating in the knowledge economy.
  • Building client confidence through long term relationships centred on quality customer service.

Supporting the company’s competitive advantage are fundamental commitments to a “triple bottom line” approach to doing business as Vulcanite concentrates on delivering social and environmental results as well as strong financial results.


Quality Policy

The fundamental objective of Vulcanite is to partner with our clients to provide flexible, engineered solutions, to continuously pursue best practice in project management, research & development and commercialisation of innovation. Vulcanite will consistently improves its services to meet and exceed customer and industry expectations with absolute integrity, in order to expand and prosper the business for the benefit of our shareholders, suppliers, customers, employees and all other stakeholders.

Implicit in this objective is a competitive strategy for continuing improvement in quality, safety and efficiency directed at customer satisfaction and a minimisation of waste in the form of variation, rework, environmental impact and other non-value adding activities.

It is our policy to promote an environment and culture which challenges, encourages and empowers all employees to pursue and be accountable for ongoing improvement in quality, productivity, products, delivery and services throughout our own operations, our suppliers and our distribution network. We plan and seek stakeholder input to identify changing needs and apply our expertise and technical resources to surpass customer expectations.

Vulcanite will maintain and continually improve quality management systems within the framework of the International and Australian Standard ISO9001 – Quality management systems – Requirements.

Download: ISO 9001 Quality Certificate



Partnering & Engineering


  • Engineering Core Competency

    Vulcanite’s Engineering team has developed a reputation for its innovative approach to partnering and addressing customer’s needs. This enables us to provide highly effective, flexible, affordable and high quality engineered solutions.

    Vulcanite can partner with you to develop an initial concept into reality or solve problems with your existing products. Our products are developed by engineers with extensive practical & operational experience.

    Our R&D facilities, with state-of-the-art testing equipment, help us to provide our customers with the optimal solution.

  • Product Development Process

    A core strength of Vulcanite is its product development process which allows us to provide customers with effective and affordable solutions. Our process is summarised as:

      • Review. Our engineers gather all the information required to develop a new part or improve an existing design.
      • Design. The knowledge and experience of our engineers is combined with computer simulation tools to develop an optimal solution to your problem.
      • Development. Design verification, pre-production trials and design validation ensure the effectiveness and quality of our products.
      • Manufacture and Delivery. Our plant capacity and distribution channels guarantee that your product will be delivered on time.
  • Technical Assets

    Vulcanite combines the knowledge and experience of its engineering team with its technical assets to design and test systems. Our technical assets include:

    Our technical assets include:

      • Solid Modelling Software. We use 3D parametric CAD software to rapidly develop new designs while constantly monitoring aspects such as manufacturability, operating envelope and interactions with other parts. Solid models are also used for development of finite element analysis models and to aid in rapid manufacture of tooling.
      • Finite Element Analysis (FEA). We use non-linear finite element analysis software to accurately simulate product performance prior to manufacturing. This ensures design integrity and assists in optimal rubber compound selection.
      • Static & Dynamic Testing Equipment. Most of our products are 100% tested and inspected prior to dispatch. This ensures that all products will perform as expected and meet high quality standards. We have a number of testing machines including universal testing machines, shear testing machines, chevron testing machines, dynamic (cyclic) testing machines and creep testing machines.
      • Rubber Testing Equipment. Every production batch of rubber is tested to ensure it meets our strict specifications. We have a number of rubber testing machines including durometers, rheometer, Mooney viscometer, tensile testing machine and densimeter.