About Us


Vulcanite is a design and manufacturing organisation, partnering with clients to provide flexible engineering solutions. Vulcanite’s Head Office, Production and Administration facilities are located in the Sydney suburb of Regents Park. Vulcanite draws upon the skills of its people to design and manufacture components used to isolate mechanically induced vibration. These engineering solutions are achieved by the use of rubber and steel moulded composites which are manufactured in the company’s facility in Sydney, Australia.

Today, through investment in technology and highly skilled engineering staff, the company has positioned itself as a provider of innovative and flexible engineering solutions to major companies around the world. These include three of the world’s four leading railway rolling stock builders and three of the world’s major vibratory piling hammer manufacturers, making Vulcanite one of the largest suppliers of isolation elastomers in the world. Vulcanite is one of only a few Australian companies with in house capabilities in Finite Element Analysis and this supports an ongoing commitment to the industry.

Vulcanite has a vision, a strategy and a commitment to its customers and suppliers.

Vulcanite continually strives for improvement in quality products, processes and services to meet changing customer and industry needs, which is exemplified by the company’s accreditation and compliance with ISO 9001 certification. Isolation rubber and steel elastomers being imported by construction machinery suppliers provided Vulcanite with an excellent import replacement opportunity. These components were expensive to import and required a high level of engineering understanding and production resources which made them difficult for our competitors to reproduce. However this gave Vulcanite a challenge that was to be the seed of it success in global markets. The success in the construction equipment field provided a strong foundation for growth, technological development, improved production resources and management practices along with a growing financial base. The production techniques and engineering design capability developed, provided Vulcanite with skill and resources to enter the Railway Rolling Stock industry. This industry now represents 85% of our total market and is growing both domestically and internationally.

Vulcanite has a vision, a strategy and a commitment to its customers and suppliers. The company’s staff are dedicated to developing the potential of the business on the international stage, by providing flexible engineered solutions.

Our Brand Promise

“To empower our customers by working closely with them to provide world-class engineered rubber products designed to meet (and exceed) their individual needs, delivered on time and on budget.”