Why Us

  • Vulcanite is a design and manufacturing company based in Australia with manufacturing and sales locations worldwide.
  • We provide products for vibration isolation and specialise in rubber-to-metal bonded products.
  • Our core markets include rail, construction, industrial, marine, mining and anywhere that vibration is a concern. You will find our products on vehicles and machines throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Vulcanite because … 

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should use Vulcanite for your next order.

  • Over 100 Years of Engineering & Manufacturing Excellence
    Vulcanite started trading back in 1911 as a family-run business (called Flint Rubber) that mixed rubber compounds. The business grew and was incorporated as a company in 1946 and this is where the name Vulcanite started. As the company grew, it moved to manufacturing moulded rubber parts for appliances and automotive parts.

    From the 1950’s through to the late 70’s, Vulcanite concentrated on mass production, commodity parts. However, in the 80’s, Vulcanite changed focus to concentrate on low volume, highly engineered components for the construction and rail industries.

    Over the next 30 years, Vulcanite built a strong engineering team and began exporting products to Europe and North America.

    In recent years, the company has won numerous Export and Business Excellence awards. Today, Vulcanite manufactures high quality rubber components for original equipment manufacturers as well as aftermarket replacement parts sold direct to vehicle operators.

  • Engineering Solutions Provider & Partner
    For more than 30 years, Vulcanite has focused on providing engineering solutions to customers and not just being a parts manufacturer.

    Our highly-skilled engineers have many decades of experience in industries including rail, construction, aerospace, automotive and industrial. We always aim to improve on the current design and concentrate on solving any issues that you may have. Our goal is to always supply a superior product and we partner with you to ensure that all your requirements are understood.

    We have also invested heavily in high-tech tools including computer-aided design, finite element analysis and advanced testing equipment including dynamic testing machines and purpose-built shear testing machines. This allows us to better understand what is happening inside a product and to use that knowledge to make it better. With our tools and facilities, our team can take an idea from a concept through to mass production in a matter of months, while also running accelerated fatigue tests to ensure the part will last.

  • Quality is at the Core of What We Do and Make
    Vulcanite has placed quality at the core of our business for over 20 years. ISO 9001 certification was granted in 1994 and IRIS accreditation in 2019. We have worked to ensure high quality products and continuous improvement on a daily basis. We also work closely with OEM’s and they have commended us on our systems and processes.

    Our rubber compounds have been developed and tested in-service over many decades. You can be assured that Vulcanite products will provide you with high performance and superior durability.

    Every shipment is inspected and tested to ensure that our part meets all of your operational requirements. We conduct 100% testing on a large majority of our components including primary suspensions, shear pads, and piling elastomers. We also provide a certificate of compliance with every shipment and a warranty on all parts.

  • Highly Regarded & Exceptional Customer Service
    Our sales team members have a highly technical background with previous experience in our core markets. This means we know your business and understand the problems you face. We build long-term customer relationships and have been supplying some customers for over 30 years.

    We can also react quickly to issues and provide you with solutions. We aim to respond to any inquiry or issue within 24 hours.

  • Competitive Pricing
    We have the facilities and capabilities to provide a highly competitive price while also ensuring high quality and good lead times.
  • Competitive Advantage
    Vulcanite’s Engineering team has developed a reputation for its innovative approach to partnering and addressing customer’s needs. This enables us to provide highly effective, flexible, affordable and high quality engineered solutions.

    Vulcanite can partner with you to develop an initial concept into reality or solve problems with your existing products. Our products are developed by engineers with extensive practical & operational experience.

    Our R&D facilities, with state-of-the-art testing equipment, help us to provide our customers with the optimal solution.


“a pro-active and professional company willing to take on challenges that other suppliers have baulked at” Director of Services & Projects, Bombardier Transportation Australia

“a company with a good engineering capability supplying products which conform to the required specification” Purchasing Manager, Downer EDI Rail 

“a competent, ethical and reliable supplier of rolling stock components” Engineering Manager, UGL Unipart 

“improvements in service life have been obtained as well as reduced cost, delivery time and stock holdings” Manager Rollingstock Engineering, Queensland 

“our professional reputation rests on the performance of our products and
we regard products supplied by Vulcanite highly” Executive General Manager, UGL Rail

Our motto is “Excellence in Engineered Rubber Solutions” and we are proud of numerous business excellence and export awards.